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A Full Session

February 25, 2014

In this space in time where everyone has a digital camera and we are used to being able to take 5000 photos and delete the “bad” ones, people are often surprised when I tell them that they will receive 30-40 images from their boudoir or glamour session to choose from. I have to admit that for the first few years of shooting digital, I too, took thousands of photos and that’s what my clients came to expect. It got to the point where I was overwhelming myself and my client with too many options. People didn’t know what to choose…they couldn’t decide between 2 (or 10) different images that were so similar that sometimes they couldn’t tell them apart.

I am one of those lucky photographers that was just old enough to have learned the beautiful art of photographing with film. We had either 24 or 36 images on a role. Needless to say as the photographer, one put a great deal more time and care into each shot. Making sure the lighting was perfect, the wardrobe and makeup flawless and the expression priceless. As a digital shooter I think it becomes easier to focus on these things once you understand the camera and why and how it works…so that it is just part of you and you and it are focused on the subject. This only comes with practice.

Well, I practiced and I finally came back to the idea that I get 36 shots to accomplish what I want to accomplish in a boudoir or glamour shoot. It’s the perfect number. An average shoot is 3-4 outfits giving an average of 10 final images per outfit. When I photograph you, rather then shoot tons of images and hope I got a good one, I do my very best to make each and every shot perfect. ¬†Below is a full session with the final images that my (stunning) client got to choose from. She chose them all.
Bozeman, Montana, Jackson, Wyoming, Fine Art Photography

Bozeman, Montana, Jackson, Wyoming, Fine Art Photography

Hello Lovely Ladies! It’s that time of year once again for love and romance! So here is the Valentine’s Day scoop!

1.In order to have a gift in hand by Valentine’s Day your shoot needs to be completed by Feb. 8th

2. I’m booking for Boudoir Shoots at both the Bozeman Studio or the Jackson Studio

3. Session’s are starting at $250 including hair & makeup

4. I will be doing a day of boudoir mini-sessions in Bozeman on Feb. 2nd & in Jackson on Feb. 4th

5. As Always, there is a 20% discount for Military Wives and  Cancer Survivors Bozeman, Montana, Jackson, Wyoming, Fine Art Photography

Please get in touch with me for more info! Blessings!