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Naturally, the dollar amount it requires to put oneself in front of the camera is at the forefront of most peoples minds when life calls for it’s moments to be captured. Oh how deeply I wish that I was independently wealthy and that all of my photographic services could be free of charge but unfortunately I am not independently wealthy nor am I a rich wife… therefore, I must keep my business running! So, what kind of investment are we looking at?

All of my sessions are based on a session fee that covers your photo shoot with me either in studio or on location. The final images from your session are all available a la carte in the form of albums, prints and wall art. Images start at $275. Click here for a la carte pricing


{Glamour & Boudoir}

Studio Boudoir & Glamour shoots are $300. This is for 2 people and includes a 4 hour shoot with 3-4 wardrobe changes per person as well as hair and makeup done at the studio. Click here to view my pricing and info guide.



My headshot sessions are $195 for the session fee per person and that includes, a 30 min session and 2 outfit changes. You get to download images for $195 each from an online catalog. I show you 10 (per person) and you can purchase the lot for $1300 (per person). You can also add professional hair and makeup to your package for $150



Most of my couples rank photography as one of the highest priorities with their wedding and invest between 20-30% of their wedding budget on photography.  My wedding rates start at $3500 for a half day (4hrs) and $7500 for a full day (8 hrs). I also offer elopements at an hourly rate of $450.  Please call or email me to check if your wedding date is available. Click here for my full wedding pricing.


{Babies, Children & Family}

My family photo shoots start at $250 for the first 2 people and are $50 per person after that up to $500. Any amount of family members after 7 is capped at the $500 rate.  Family shoots are almost always on location except for mother/daughter(s) and babies and for those occasions I love to shoot in the studio or at your home!



Anything you can dream up we can create gorgeous images from. Both studio & location shoots start at $250. This includes a 2 hour shoot with 3-4 wardrobe changes as well as hair and makeup for studio sessions. If you prefer to do your own hair and makeup for a studio session this can be arranged.


{Portrait Couture}

This more in-depth fashion shoot starts at $350. These shoots take a little more time and we dig a little deeper creatively to come up with a great themed shoot to have some fabulous magazine worthy images. Click here to view my pricing and info guide. 


{Horse & Rider}

Ladies I know you love your horse. This is the shoot for you as well as one of my favorite things to photograph. The horse & rider shoot starts at $350 and is on the location of your choice. Think big on this one! We can do an editorial style shoot or capture the beauty and grace of you and your horse in the wide open.