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Well hello there!

So I just wanted you to know that you can count on me to be there with you every step of the way through this photographic process… to help you think up a cool theme for your shoot or wedding or just to grab a cup of coffee when you really need a break from it all. (That, and because I never turn down a good excuse to grab coffee!) Because for me, it always comes back to one simple principle that has become the very foundation of my business: my clients are my friends.

It’s so important to me that I feel like I can really connect with each and every one of the beautiful people that I photograph, which is why I’d really love to get to know you and your story! That process starts with you getting in touch with me. Photography is not just about taking well posed pictures in nice light… it’s about telling a story. The story of you. The story of your life and how you have lived it. Whether it’s your wedding, family portrait, senior picture, a boudoir shoot, fashion, advertising or whatever type of shoot you are interested in, I want to know your story because that is at the heart of why you are looking for photographs… to tell your story to the world… and I can’t wait to help you do that!

All of my pricing and packages are custom tailored…because one size fits all never seems to look good on anybody. If you’d like to find out more information or set up a time to hang out and get to know each other more, then just fill out the form below.